Aiichiro Hirose / lead vocals, guitar, synthesizer,percussion
Hirotaka Kurita / guitar, percussion, backing vocals
Akito”the 2″Kimora / bass
Akito Oyama / drum

EL SONOCOS is composed of four members, mainly of Aiichiro Hirose, unbelievably spooky and dope team.

Musicality is based on stoner rock and now mixes african music, funk, hip hop, noise, etc.
Intense a madmannous show played in a punctual spirit at the live house of the night in the evening, engraving a strong impression on the viewers, gradually increasing addicts in Tokyo

EL SONOCOSは広瀬愛一郎を中心とするメンバー4人から構成される、思わずゴリラも踊りだす最高にスプーキーな激ヤバいチーム